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Jobs in Plastics Industry

Commercial & Admininstration
   Operators and Fitters
   Operators and Fitters - Blow Moulding Machinery
   Operators and Fitters - Extrusion Machinery
   Data Feeding
   Operators and Fitters - Injection Moulding Machinery
   Dispatch Stores Logistics & Commercial
   Operators and Fitters - Moulding Machinery
   Operators and Fitters - Printing & Lamination
   General Office Administration Staff
   Operators and Fitters - Tools and Dies Maker
   Information Technology
   Production - Blow Moulding
   Public Relation
   Production - Calendering
   Production - Compounds & Masterbatch
   Senior Admin and Projects
   Production - Dies & Tools
Designers, Developers and R&D
   Production - Extrusion
   Designer & Product Developer
   Production - Extrusion - Woven Sack
   Designers - Dies & Tools
   Production - Machinery
   Designers - Machines
   Production - Moulding
   R&D - Raw Material
   Production - Printing & Lamination
   Production - Roto Moulding
   Maintenance and Service - Dies & Tools
   Production - Thermoforming
   Maintenance and Service - Electrical
Production Planning
   Maintenance and Service - Mechanical
   Production Planning - Plastic Machinery
Marketing & Sales
   Production Planning - Plastic Products and Processing
   Marketing Sales Service - Moulds & Dies
   Marketing Sales Service - Plastic Machinery
   Marketing Sales Service - Plastic Raw Materials
   Quality - Blow Moulding
   Marketing Sales Service - Plastics Products
   Quality - Injection Moulding
   Sales and Services - Others
   Quality - Resin, Compounds, Masterbatch
   Sales Service Installation and Trials - Machinery
Operators and Fitters
   Less than 1 year Exp.
   Operators - Thermoforming
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