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Resumes of Marketing Sales Service - Plastics Products

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Listing of marketing managers, marketing engineers, for marketing and sales of plastic products. Hire engineers for technical marketing of engineering plastic goods, marketing personnel for plastic houseware and packaging films
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CA - 14518

Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 18.2 Years
CTC: INR 175,000 /Annum
Asst. Sales Manager July 2013 till date Company Profile: Manufacturer of PET Bottles and Jars. Cistomer: Pickle mfg, Honey mfg, premix powder.... More
CA - 14526

Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 10.2 Years
CTC: INR 450,000 /Annum
Sales Manager- Since July 2010 Company Profile: Leading manufacturer of plastics products and polyme rmasterbatches Job Profile: Sales of .... More
CA - 14442

Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 5.3 Years
CTC: INR 200,000 /Annum
Sales & Marketing Manager August 2012 till date Company Profile: Manufacturer of Plastic products Job Profile: Appointment of new C&F and .... More
CA - 14391

Pref. Loc: karnataka
Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 8.8 Years
CTC: INR 580,000 /Annum
Area Manager- (Dealer sales) January 2014 till date Company Profile: Manufacturer & Supplier of irrigation system components, driptech takeoff .... More
CA - 14377

Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 20.3 Years
CTC: INR 600,000 /Annum
Manager - Industrial Sales Since April 2013 Company Profile: Leading manufacturer of PUF Insulated Boxes, Dairy products Job Profile: I a.... More
CA - 14376

Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 18.3 Years
CTC: INR 1,000,000 /Annum
Senior Manager - Marketing Since Oct 2013 Company Profile: Ledaing manufacturer of industrial products like Roto Molded Pallets, Crates, Ice B.... More
CA - 14353

Education: Diploma
Experience: 18.3 Years
CTC: INR 500,000 /Annum
Sr. Manager (Sales & Marketing) Since July 2013 Company Profile: Manufacturer of specific PVC compound, ZHFR Compound for cable, profile, auto.... More
CA - 14341

Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 1.8 Years
CTC: INR 200,000 /Annum
Marketing Executive Since July 2013 Company Profile: Manufacturing, supplying and exporting Plastic Packaging Items to pharma, chemical, food,.... More
CA - 14324

Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 30.3 Years
CTC: INR 1,200,000 /Annum
Development Manager-South / UAE Since 2008 Company Profile: Leading Manufacturer of Plastics furniture Job Profile: Key accounts handl.... More
CA - 14286

Education: Diploma
Experience: 28.3 Years
CTC: INR 650,000 /Annum
Manager Marketing Since April 2005 Company Profile: Certification : BVQI ISO 9001 certifed company. Manufacturer of Plastic crates (Roto molded.... More
CA - 14235

Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 12.3 Years
CTC: INR 500,000 /Annum
Asst. Sales Manager Since Aug 2013 Company Profile: A Polymer distribution company, also doing Engineering Plastics Job Profile: Promotion .... More
CA - 14222

Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 10.3 Years
CTC: INR 325,000 /Annum
Sr. Sales Executive Since March 2011 Company Profile: Manufacturers of insulated boxes for the storage purpose (Cold & Hot), Pallets and Cus.... More
CA - 14183

Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 7.3 Years
CTC: INR 600,000 /Annum
Unit Head- Production Planning & Control, Marketing Coordination Since April 2012 Company Profile: Premier manufacturer of plastics packaging .... More
CA - 14164

Pref. Loc: Himachal Pradesh,Chandigarh.Pu...
Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 4.4 Years
CTC: INR 240,000 /Annum
Business Devolpment Manager Since Sep 2013 Company Profile: Manufacturer of PVC Insulation Tapes- Fire Retardant Tapes, Various types pf PVC ta.... More
CA - 13725

Pref. Loc: gulf,saudi arabia etc
Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 4.8 Years
CTC: INR 550,000 /Annum
Assistant Manager (Marketing) Since Jan 2012 Company Profile: State-of-the art plant in India for making Liquid Colorants, using automated and.... More
CA - 14118

Pref. Loc: North, Central and West India
Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 22.4 Years
CTC: INR 500,000 /Annum
Regional Manager - Sales March 2013 till date Company Profile: Manufacturer of Cleaning Tools & Supplies, Floor Mops, Floor Wipers, Home Series.... More
CA - 13940

Pref. Loc: India
Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 14.6 Years
CTC: INR 759,000 /Annum
Sr. Manager - Sales & Marketing 14 Years Company Profile:Leading manufacturer of additives nad masterbatches Job Profile: Handling wide range.... More
CA - 13976

Pref. Loc: Anywhere
Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 13.6 Years
CTC: USD 150,000 /Annum
Manager- Sales & Operations Planning Oct 2013 till date Company Profile: Manufacturing and Supply Chain within the EMEAI Region for the leader.... More
CA - 14108

Pref. Loc: Hindu
Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 7.4 Years
CTC: INR 150,000 /Annum
Sales Executive Working till date Company Profile: Box Strapping Machines, Semi Automatic Box Strapping Machines, Plastic Strapping Machines, C.... More
CA - 13990

Pref. Loc: North India
Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Experience: 23.6 Years
CTC: INR 600,000 /Annum
Mfg. Representative March 2012 till date Company Profile: Manufacturer PVC Stabilisers for PVC Pipe,Compound, Cables, Paints etc. Sr. Marke.... More
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