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Resumes of Marketing Sales Service - Plastics Products

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Listing of marketing managers, marketing engineers, for marketing and sales of plastic products. Hire engineers for technical marketing of engineering plastic goods, marketing personnel for plastic houseware and packaging films
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CA - 13897

Pref. Loc: East region
Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 3.2 Years
CTC: INR 240,000 /Annum
Manager Since Oct 2011 Company Profile: They are leading manufacturer of high density polyethylene (HDPE) & Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipes Job.... More
CA - 13845

Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Experience: 10.2 Years
CTC: INR 500,000 /Annum
Senior Sales Executive Since May 2013 Company Profile: Manufacturer of Masterbatches, TPE, PVC Masterbatches Job Profile: Regenerating new B.... More
CA - 13826

Pref. Loc: Surat Ahemdabad Ankleshwar Dam...
Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 6.7 Years
CTC: INR 400,000 /Annum
Exports Manager Since March 2011 Company Profile: Manufacturer of Polypropylene Woven bags and FIBC bags Job profile: Developing the overseas.... More
CA - 13852

Pref. Loc: Anywhere
Education: Diploma
Experience: 9.2 Years
CTC: INR 240,000 /Annum
Asst Manager From Dec 2013 Company Profile: Manufacturer of Spices & Cooking Masalas, pooja articles Job Profile: Production Asst Manage.... More
CA - 7746

Pref. Loc: Chennai
Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Experience: 20.3 Years
CTC: INR 600,000 /Annum
Business Development Manager – Techno Commercial (Tamil Nadu Region) Since 2012 Company Profile: Is a leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Thermo.... More
CA - 13763

Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 16.3 Years
CTC: INR 800,000 /Annum
Senior Manager- Operations, Marketing Since Sept. 2004 Company Profile: Products have created a niche in the automotive, home appliances, elect.... More
CA - 13710

Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 14.3 Years
CTC: INR 850,000 /Annum
Area Sales Manager Since December 1999 Started as Area Sales Officer Company Profile: Manufacturer of colour & additive masterbatches Key Res.... More
CA - 13719

Education: 12th
Experience: 25.3 Years
CTC: EUR 62,500 /Annum
Area Sales Manager 2011 - 2014 Company Profile: Extruded plastic profile, plastic tubes, plastic co-extrusions, including custom PVC extrusion,.... More
CA - 13799

Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 2.3 Years
CTC: INR 336,000 /Annum
From: - April 2014 till date Desgination:Sr.Marketing Executive Company Profile: Is a leading provider of Cocks Valves Motors Pumps in Oer.... More
CA - 13810

Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 15.2 Years
CTC: INR 1,800,000 /Annum
Designation:Vice President – Sales & Marketing (Pan India Operations) Company profile: Is a leading Exporter Manufacturer Service Provider & S.... More
CA - 13811

Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 9.2 Years
CTC: INR 600,000 /Annum
From 1 Aug 2012 till date Designation: Marketing Manager Company Profile: The company is engaged in manufacturing of plastics tube and Lami tu.... More
CA - 13649

Pref. Loc: India
Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 8.3 Years
CTC: INR 144,000 /Annum
Sales Officer October 2010 – March 2014 Company Profile: Manufacturer of moulded polyethylene water tanks, building products, water tank, polye.... More
CA - 13646

Pref. Loc: Navi Mumbai
Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 32.3 Years
CTC: INR 300,000 /Annum
Business Development Manager Since May 2012 Company Profile: Marketing using unique method of packing Rice, Pulses, Spices and Canned Foods; Ju.... More
CA - 10564

Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 23.3 Years
CTC: USD 100,000 /Annum
Technical Director/ General Manager Since Jan. 2008 Company Profile: Leading Manufacturers of Compounds Job Profile: Instrumental in achievin.... More
CA - 12274

Pref. Loc: India
Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 8 Years
CTC: INR 300,000 /Annum
Marketing Executive Since Oct 2010 Company Profile: Manufacturer and Exporter of Woven Bags, Packing Bags and Packing Pouches Job Profile: .... More
CA - 13586

Pref. Loc: Gujarat
Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 7.3 Years
CTC: INR 474,000 /Annum
Asst. Manager - Marketing Since Jan 2011 Company Profile: Leading Manufacturer of FIBCs Job Profile: Business Development: To generate inq.... More
CA - 13571

Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 7.3 Years
CTC: INR 216,000 /Annum
Export Marketing Executive Since January 2011 Company Profile: Direct Exporter of Granite, Marble & Slate Stones Job Profile: Assisting the M.... More
CA - 13566

Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Experience: 2.8 Years
CTC: INR 570,000 /Annum
Sales & Marketing Officer Dec. 2012 Company Profile: Manufacturer of General Purpose, High Impact and Expandable Polystyrene resins Job Profil.... More
CA - 13554

Pref. Loc: Bangalore
Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 2.3 Years
CTC: INR 310,000 /Annum
Associate Marketing Since July 2012 Company Profile: Manufacturers of masterbatches for Plastics and Textile Industries. Job Profile: New bu.... More
CA - 13321

Pref. Loc: Chennai
Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 15.6 Years
CTC: INR 400,000 /Annum
Marketing Executive Oct 2011 to May 2013 Company Profile: Reputed VCI Anti Corrosion Packaging Material Manufacturer & Exporter. Job Profile.... More
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