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Resumes of Marketing Sales Service - Plastics Products

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Listing of marketing managers, marketing engineers, for marketing and sales of plastic products. Hire engineers for technical marketing of engineering plastic goods, marketing personnel for plastic houseware and packaging films
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CA - 15661

Education: Diploma
Experience: 10.1 Years
CTC: INR 500,000 /Annum
5 years in plastic Industry & total 10 years in Sales / Commercial / Logistic, Also currently Working SAP ( Financial Module) ? Promoting Spare.... More
CA - 15358

Education: 12th
Experience: 4.3 Years
CTC: INR 150,000 /Annum
Marketing Executive Since 2013 Company Profile: Manufacturer of Packaging Films & Foils, Shrink Film, Embossed Film, Packaging Film & Poly & Pl.... More
CA - 15350

Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 6.3 Years
CTC: INR 140,000 /Annum
Sales Executive Since March 2012 Company Profile: Distributor of Industrial & Shipping Containers, Industrial Tanks, Plastic Tanks, Storage Tan.... More
CA - 15348

Pref. Loc: INDIA
Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 15.3 Years
CTC: INR 600,000 /Annum
Proprietor Since April 2000 Company Profile: Dealing in supply of all kind of Packaging Materials and Machinery. Job Profile: Handling Team o.... More
CA - 15329

Pref. Loc: Maharashtra Madhya Pradesh
Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 12.3 Years
CTC: INR 800,000 /Annum
Asst. Area Business Manager Since October 2011 Company Profile: Leading manufacturer & exporter of HDPE pipes, HDPE sprinklers, HDPE drips, e.... More
CA - 15301

Pref. Loc: Pune
Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 14.3 Years
CTC: INR 525,000 /Annum
Marketing Manager Since July 2013 Company Profile: Leading manufacturer of broad range of Wiring Harnesses, Battery Cables, Wiring Sets, Conne.... More
CA - 15244

Pref. Loc: Southern Region
Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 32.3 Years
CTC: INR 25,000 /Annum
Marketing Executive 2010 to 2013 Company Profile: CS/Distributor Plastic Raw Matl for IOCL Job Profile: Product development activities (R&D).... More
CA - 15140

Pref. Loc: Gujarat, Pune, Mumbai
Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 4.3 Years
CTC: INR 250,000 /Annum
Marketing Executive Since Sept 2014 Company Profile: Leading manufacturer of Master Batches and Fillers for bags, House hold products, Packagin.... More
CA - 14923

Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 5.3 Years
CTC: INR 550,000 /Annum
Research Assistant September 2012 to June 2014 Job Profile: High Pressure Rheology studies of Styrenic Block copolymers on Capillary Rheometer.... More
CA - 14836

Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Experience: 7.4 Years
CTC: INR 300,000 /Annum
Sr. Marketing Executive Since Jan 2012 Company Profile: Manufacturer of packing Solutions for Hologram Industry, for Optical Media (CDR, DVDR),.... More
CA - 14817

Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 5 Years
CTC: INR 325,000 /Annum
Manager Marketing Since Nov 2014. Company Profile: Leading manufacturer of copounds and masterbatches Job Profile: Marketing of Polypropylen.... More
CA - 14902

Pref. Loc: bangalore
Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 6.3 Years
CTC: INR 475,000 /Annum
Senior Business Development Officer Since Jun 2012 Company Profile: Leading manufacturer of FIBC's, container liner, leno bag, geo textile, gro.... More
CA - 15042

Pref. Loc: delhi
Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 19.3 Years
CTC: INR 1,920,000 /Annum
Country Manager Since Oct 2014 Company Profile: Importer and distributor of engineering plastics raw material. Job Profile: Entrusted with e.... More
CA - 14972

Pref. Loc: Maharashtra,Madyapradesh,chhat...
Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Experience: 16.3 Years
CTC: INR 600,000 /Annum
Area Manager- Sales Since July 2013 Company Profile: Manufacturing, supplying and exporting a quality assured range of Industrial Pipe & Hose..... More
CA - 14942

Pref. Loc: UAE,Quater,Malaysia,Kuwait,Nig...
Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 18.3 Years
CTC: INR 450,000 /Annum
Business Development Manager Since Sep 2011 Company Profile: Leading manufacturer of molded luggage, moulded furniture Job Profile: Stra.... More
CA - 15504

Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Experience: 9.2 Years
CTC: INR 450,000 /Annum
Manager – Business Development & Marketing Since January 2015 Company Profile: It is reputable of Electrical Distribution Engineering Product.... More
CA - 15076

Pref. Loc: Banglore
Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 3.1 Years
CTC: INR 520,000 /Annum
Sr. Executive- Business Development Since November 2014 Company Profile: Leading Producer of Extrusion Machinery Job Profile: Active member .... More
CA - 14960

Pref. Loc: Maharashtra or Gujrat
Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 20.3 Years
CTC: INR 1,075,000 /Annum
DGM- Sales & Marketing Since July 2013 Company Profile: Distribution of fixing systems for metal working, professional technical assistance and.... More
CA - 14782

Pref. Loc: CHENNAI
Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 8.4 Years
CTC: INR 850,000 /Annum
Sr. Manager- Marketing Since Jan 2014 Company Profile: Lading manufacturer & Processor of Minerals (Calcium carbonate, Talc & Specialty additi.... More
CA - 14786

Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 9.4 Years
CTC: INR 480,000 /Annum
Manager - Operations Since June 2008 Company Profile: Manufacturer of Industrial & Shipping Containers, Plastic Cans, Plastic Barrels, Pails .... More
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