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Resumes of Production - Thermoforming

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Recruit engineers and managers for plastics thermoforming factory. Listing of engineers, supervisors experienced in handling sheet extrusion and thermoforming machines, vacuum forming, pressure forming plastic products. Also recruit managers, plant managers, factory managers for plastic thermoforming vacuum forming unit. also carries a listing of job openings in the plastic thermoforming, disposable manufacturing industry.
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CA - 13392

Pref. Loc: Gulf region
Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 19.1 Years
CTC: USD 25,000 /Annum
Plant In charge/ Production Supervisor: Shift Supervisor: Since Feb 2005 Company Profile: Manufacturer of disposable products such as airline .... More
CA - 13160

Pref. Loc: Uttarakhand
Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Experience: 3.3 Years
Production Engineer Since Aug 2007 Company Profile: Manufacturer of polymer packaging products. Job Profile : Process Stability and Troubl.... More
CA - 12993

Pref. Loc: HOOGHLY ( west bengal)
Education: Diploma
Experience: 15.3 Years
CTC: INR 375,000 /Annum
Production Manager Since Sept 2005 Company Profile: Manufacturer and Exporter of EMT Fittings, Plastic Tanks, Plastic PVC Pipes, Other EMT p.... More
CA - 12967

Pref. Loc: Rajasthan
Education: Diploma
Experience: 3.4 Years
Production Engineer Since March 2005 Company Profile: A Major manufacturer of Export quality Additive, White, Black & Colour Master batches .... More
CA - 12917

Pref. Loc: Uttarakhand
Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Experience: 3.4 Years
Production Engineer Since Sep.2007. Company Profile: Leading manufacturer of Rigid Packaging by Blow Molding process, PET Sheet, Entrance Matti.... More
CA - 13247

Education: Diploma
Experience: 4.8 Years
CTC: INR 3 /Annum
Production Engineer July 2009 to Till date. Company Profile: Disposable packaging manufactured from paper, plastic, films or molded fiber. Pro.... More
CA - 12858

Education: Diploma
Experience: 10.3 Years
CTC: INR 650,000 /Annum
Manager- Manufacturing Since April 2011 Company Profile: The largest PE food grade cling film manufacturer in India and the market leader in .... More
CA - 12411

Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 11.5 Years
General Manager Since 2008 Company Profile: Manufacturing disposable PP/ HIPS glass & Container for food packaging, mineral water beverages su.... More
CA - 7808

Pref. Loc: African Countries
Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Experience: 13.8 Years
CTC: USD 24,000 /Annum
Production Head Jan 2013 to Sept. 2013 Company Profile: Manufacturer of bags and poly for liquid packing, heavy duty bags and rolls for agricul.... More
CA - 12024

Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Experience: 11.7 Years
CTC: INR 600,000 /Annum
Plant Head Since Jan 2011 Reporting: - Plant GM Company Profile: Leading prestigious manufacturer and supplier of FRP & Thermoforming Comp.... More
CA - 9130

Pref. Loc: Western
Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Experience: 14.2 Years
CTC: USD 23,000 /Annum
Project Engineer Since March 2013 Company Profile: Manufacturer of HDPE pipes, Drip Irrigation pipes, Complex Cap & Closures, Electrical part.... More
CA - 11384

Pref. Loc: Anywhere
Education: Diploma
Experience: 14.2 Years
CTC: INR 400,000 /Annum
Manager Production Process-Injection, Extrusion and Thermoforming molding Since Oct. 2012 to till date. Company Profile: The Company is an ISO.... More
CA - 1680

Pref. Loc: Anywhere in India
Education: Diploma
Experience: 21.9 Years
CTC: INR 450,000 /Annum
Manager - Sheet Line Since Jan. 2009 Company Profile: Manufacturer of sheets and thermoformed products for food packaging. Job Profile: Prod.... More
CA - 11440

Education: Diploma
Experience: 3.2 Years
CTC: SAR 80,000 /Annum
Process Engineer and Shift Leader Since 2012 Company Profile: Is a manufacturing firm involved in heavy and light gauge plastic thermoforming, .... More
CA - 1112

Pref. Loc: Anywhere
Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 28.8 Years
CTC: INR 600,000 /Annum
G.M (Factory Operations) Since Dec. 2009 Company Profile : Manufacturers of adhesive tape, process PVC rolls and coat them with PVDC for pharma.... More
CA - 10486

Pref. Loc: Angola, Nigeria, UAE, Singapor...
Education: Diploma
Experience: 21.9 Years
CTC: SAR 60,000 /Annum
Production Engineer Since November 2010 Company Profile: Manufacturer of PP/PS food containers & plates/trays Job Profile: Production plann.... More
CA - 11108

Pref. Loc: Anywhere
Education: Diploma
Experience: 27.4 Years
CTC: INR 600,000 /Annum
Manager (Service And Spares) Since Aug 2011 Company Profile:Manufacturer Of Thermoforming Molds Plant In charge (Thermoforming and vacuum fo.... More
CA - 11027

Pref. Loc: Mumbai, Pune, Gujrat
Education: Diploma
Experience: 20.5 Years
CTC: INR 700,000 /Annum
Assistant Manager Since 2008 Trainee Engineer, Production Engineer and Senior Engineer 1993 - 2008 Company Profile: Leading luggage manufactu.... More
CA - 10960

Pref. Loc: Chennai
Education: Diploma
Experience: 4.5 Years
CTC: INR 285,000 /Annum
Associative Engineer for Plastic HIPS Vacuum forming Line Since March 2010 Company Profile:Leading Consumer goods manufacturing company produc.... More
CA - 1139

Pref. Loc: Near Vadodara
Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Experience: 19.7 Years
CTC: INR 340,000 /Annum
Production In-charge Since Nov 2009 Company Profile: Specialized in thermoforming and pressure forming of thick gauge plastic sheets. Job Pro.... More
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