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Resumes of Production - Blow Moulding

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Listing of jobs avaialable and vacancies in plastic blow moulding factories. Good resumes of engineers, production managers, shift supervisors, operators and plant incharge with experience in plastics blow moulding. Engineers for running extrusion blow moulding machinery, injection blow molding machines, stretch and PET blow molding production. Post your resumes for production jobs in plastics blow moulding
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CA - 14740

Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Experience: 6.2 Years
CTC: INR 320,000 /Annum
Engineer Since April 2014 Company Profile: Manufacturer of moulded Furnitue and Household products Job Profile: Responsible for alloca.... More
CA - 14711

Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Experience: 14.3 Years
CTC: INR 500,000 /Annum
Shift incharge Since April 2014 Company Profile: MAnufacturing 10 ml to 8 ltr PET bottle for cosmetics, pharma, trade & liquor and also making.... More
CA - 14706

Pref. Loc: UAE
Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Experience: 4.3 Years
CTC: INR 20,750 /Annum
Production Engineer Snce Aug 2010 Company Profile: Suppliers of bottles to P&G, HUL, Racket & Benkister, J & J, Cadbury, GSK Amway, Herbalife, .... More
CA - 14651

Pref. Loc: mumbai , pune , Aurangabad ,Na...
Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 1.3 Years
CTC: INR 130,000 /Annum
Production Engineer Since March 2014 Company Profile: Market leader company in industrial packaging / HDPE industrial container from 25 ltr to.... More
CA - 14721

Education: Diploma
Experience: 6.3 Years
CTC: INR 3 /Annum
Operation Engineer Since Feb 2013 Company Profile: Manufacturer of high performance specialty polymers Job Profile: Implementing quality st.... More
CA - 14608

Education: Diploma
Experience: 20.3 Years
CTC: USD 2,000 /Annum
Maintenance Engineer Since April 2008 Company Profile: Manufacturer of PET preforms and PET bottles 250ml to 5000ml of Water, Soda, Hot Fill P.... More
CA - 14690

Education: Diploma
Experience: 5.3 Years
CTC: INR 159,800 /Annum
Production Engineer. Since June 2012 Company Profile: Manufacturer of PET bottles are 10ml rd-1000ml bottles/Jars. In Machine ASB-50MB V3, AS.... More
CA - 14580

Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 3.3 Years
CTC: INR 200,000 /Annum
Shift Engineer Since May 2012 Company Profile: Leading supplier of mechanical cleaning products in India for daily domestic use and for t Job .... More
CA - 14506

Pref. Loc: thailand,south africa,kuwait
Education: Diploma
Experience: 3.3 Years
CTC: INR 180,000 /Annum
Shift Engineer (Injection Molding) March 2014 till date Company Profile: Manufacturer of Plastic Bottle Closures for flat-water use Shift.... More
CA - 14476

Education: Diploma
Experience: 6.4 Years
CTC: INR 250,000 /Annum
Senior Technician Nov 2011 to April 2014 Compny Profile: Manufacturer of rigid plastics packaging in the Middle East Executive Production .... More
CA - 14464

Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Experience: 14.4 Years
CTC: INR 650,000 /Annum
Deputy Manager - Production May 2014 to Dec 2014 Company Profile: Manufacturing PET bottles. Work on ASB series machine like ASB-50MB, ASB-70DP.... More
CA - 14402

Education: Diploma
Experience: 13.4 Years
CTC: INR 250,000 /Annum
Incharge Of Preform (Husky, ASB) and Closure DIV (Sacmi) Since Aug 2013 Company Profile: Largest Packaging Plant Of Africa, With More Then 100.... More
CA - 14334

Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 7.9 Years
CTC: USD 2,100 /Annum
Production Manager Since November 2014 Company Profile: Leading manufacturer of PET preforms, Blowing, Caps Job Profile: Responsible for a.... More
CA - 14230

Education: Masters - Degree
Experience: 4.5 Years
CTC: INR 250,000 /Annum
Production Engineer Since Aug 2010 Company Profile: Manufacturer of Packaging Bottles & Jars, Machines And Dies, Bottles, Standard Caps & Inj.... More
CA - 14210

Pref. Loc: Chennai
Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Experience: 14.5 Years
CTC: INR 910,000 /Annum
Sr. Engineer - Process Since Jun 2009 Company Profile: Manufacturer of Plastic fuel tank (Petrol & Diesel) and filler pipe for the Automotive .... More
CA - 14165

Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 18.6 Years
CTC: SAR 32,000 /Annum
Senior Set-up Technician - Injection And Blow Molding : Since June 2010 Production Staff : June 2012 to Sept 2012 Company Profile: Manufactur.... More
CA - 14139

Pref. Loc: UAE
Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 2.6 Years
CTC: USD 500 /Annum
Supervisor in Production (Maintenance Department) Since May 2014 Company Profile: Leading PET bottle blowing unit in Pakistan. Prime customers.... More
CA - 14136

Pref. Loc: any where
Education: Graduate - Degree
Experience: 7.6 Years
CTC: EUR 7,111 /Annum
Production & Maintenance Incharge Oct 2007 till date Company Profile: Manufacturer of products like Cookie Tray, Deli Bakery Packaging, Drinki.... More
CA - 14094

Pref. Loc: India, UAE, West Africa
Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Experience: 22.7 Years
CTC: INR 800,000 /Annum
Deputy Manager Since Aug 2014 Company Profile: Manufacturing Plastic Sanitary Products with unbreakable Engineering Plastic materials (Taps, V.... More
CA - 14048

Pref. Loc: UAE
Education: Diploma
Experience: 6.7 Years
CTC: SAR 4,500 /Annum
Team Leader Sep 2011 till date Company Profile: State-of-the-art infrastructure, incorporating centralized farms and advanced processing plants.... More
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